All Star Purchasing is a group purchasing organization (GPO), where we combine the purchases of all our members to provide them with savings beyond what they could get on their own. Our team works as an extension of your purchasing department, saving you time and money through our in-depth market intelligence, first-hand industry knowledge, and competitive purchasing programs.

All Star Purchasing will work with you to identify potential savings opportunities and negotiate on your behalf to achieve maximum benefit for your membership. As a member of All Star Purchasing you have the potential to reduce your costs in the categories of Packaging, Ingredients, Logistics, Fleet, and Facility Supplies.


Getting Started

Step 1: Identify How Much You Will Benefit

Contact us to speak with a team member who will work with you to identify the savings you could achieve by joining All Star. Our experienced team evaluates various product specs, suppliers, and negotiated purchasing programs to present you with the best options for savings.

Step 2: Become An All Star Member

If you would like to take advantage of the savings identified, your next step is to become a member of All Star Purchasing.  As a member, you also get our team of experts continually working on your behalf, monitoring the market, negotiating with suppliers, and using our volume purchasing power to help you save confidently.

Step 3: Start Saving

You will receive ongoing purchasing support from the All Star team while taking advantage of the savings you will receive through our purchasing programs.  Whether you are sourcing new materials or managing your existing spend, All Star will serve as an extension of your purchasing organization.

Have Questions?

Find answers to some of the commonly asked questions about All Star Purchasing below. If your questions aren’t answered here, feel free to ask us by email at

My company is large, we have a fully staffed purchasing department, can we benefit from All Star?

Yes, in our experience we have found that even large Fortune 100 companies can find value working with a GPO such as All Star Purchasing. Most of our larger members use All Star Purchasing as part of their procurement strategy, leveraging All Star to achieve savings in categories where they might not have the volume to maximize their savings.

If my company purchased through All Star, does All Star become the supplier?

No, All Star Purchasing would not be the supplier. All Star Purchasing should be viewed as an extension of your purchasing team, as a GPO we work on your behalf negotiating the best price for you. The goal is to save you time and money and allow you to focus your efforts on implementing categories/policy across your locations to ensure compliance to the supplier programs you have in place. Shifts your time from running the RFP, to more strategic activities.

What effect will working with All Star have on my supplier relationship?

Joining a contract that is held by All Star Purchasing with a supplier does not disrupt your supplier relationship. You will continue to have access to the supplier and will maintain your day to day interaction.

Is there pushback from suppliers who are asked to move members to the All Star contract when they’re already working with the member directly?

We do see that occasionally, but most suppliers will see there is added value in a member who is aligned with All Star Purchasing, as they’re also looking at other categories, and tend to be committed to the supplier relationships through All Star.

How do I know if my price is competitive through All Star?

Our team purchases for over 600 locations across North America. Being member owned, our goal is to generate the most savings for our members. We are here to support our members sharing market intelligence and being transparent in all interactions (pricing, terms, etc.).

I am a Buyer for my company, is All Star a replacement for me?

No, All Star Purchasing is an extension of your purchasing department. Our team will work to assist you in saving money on the things you purchase for your company.

Not A Member?

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