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Save Time and Money on Your Fleet

You need to keep your fleet running, so there isn’t always time to compare prices when you need to make a purchase. Additionally, on some items you may not purchase enough volume to receive a better price.

All Star members achieve substantial savings on many essential fleet items including:

  • Tires
  • Lubricants
  • Truck Parts

Our team does all the work ensuring top-quality suppliers, and negotiating the lowest possible price. We even handle the billing, making it one less thing you need to do. We do this so you can stay focused on what matters…  keeping your vehicles on the road.

By utilizing All Star, you keep your fleet running, for less.

As a group purchasing organization (GPO), we purchase fleet supplies for a large number of companies, allowing our members to achieve remarkable savings.

To learn more about participating in All Star’s purchasing programs, see How Does It Work?

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